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Masturbation: Many Peoples Dark Secret – Most Peoples Pleasurable Reality!

There are very few subjects more taboo than Masturbation!  Just the word makes most people cringe with embarrassment.  It is an action perceived by most to be dirty, unhealthy and deviant.  In reality the vast majority of Americans are pleasing themselves.  Wether using a hand, battery operated tool or humping a pillow people are taking care of business. Read the rest of this entry


Race, Death, Sex, Religion… Exploring The Secret World Of Social Taboos!

In Modern Society we have access to virtually any information we wish to discover.  With TV, Internet and Printed Media the available content is bountiful.  Rather than searching for topics that captivate our interest we ignore anything that is considered socially unacceptable or Taboo by the mainstream.  Subjects such as religion, sex, death and race are often discussed on a superficial level.  We fear being labeled an insensitive, politically incorrect bigot and offending a person or group. Read the rest of this entry