About Taboos

In Modern Society we have access to virtually any information we wish to discover.  With TV, Internet and Printed Media the available content is bountiful.  Rather than searching for topics that captivate our interest we ignore anything that is considered socially unacceptable or Taboo by the mainstream.  Subjects such as religion, sex, death and race are often discussed on a superficial level.  We fear being labeled an insensitive, politically incorrect bigot and offending a person or group.

The intent of this Blog is to uncover and explore the secret world of Taboos.  What is a Taboo?   As described by Wikipedia:  A taboo is a strong social prohibition or ban relating to any area of human activity or social custom that is sacred and forbidden based on moral judgement and religious beliefs!  We take an unbiased view on this topic and the content is uncensored to preserve the true message as described by this author or any other contributors.  We go into deep and sometimes uncomfortable details about controversial subjects.  In other words:  This blog may contain subject matter that is disturbing or offensive to some readers!

We hope you find this site informative, educational and entertaining.  Our content is updated frequently and there is no topic we won’t cover.  Until this site is banned by the scared and closed-minded, we will continue to bring you the Best in Social Taboos!

Max Heitz


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