Atheism: Who Are Atheists And What Do They Believe?

Atheism:  The denial of or lack of belief in the existence of god or gods.

Certain Pygmy tribes found in Africa were observed to have no identifiable cults or rites. There were no totems, no gods, no spirits. Their dead were buried without special ceremonies or accompanying items and received no further attention. They even appeared to lack simple superstitions, according to travelers’ reports. The Vedahs of Ceylon, only admitted the possibility that gods might exist, but went no further. Neither prayers nor sacrifices were suggested in any way.

Believers in Atheism for the most part are solitary and do not participate in social gatherings, sanctioned events, seminars etc.  There are a hand full of organized events: lectures, club meetings and conferences sponsored by various interest groups.  It would be a bit contradictory for a group that doesn’t believe in god to organize representing Atheism.  That would classify it by some as a sect, cult or political organization depending on the platform of the gathering.

Atheists are often looked at negatively by people who do not fully understand the belief.  It is sometimes confused with Satanism which is a group of religions that believe in a rebelling and liberating figure.  Obviously Atheists which do not believe in god or gods would not believe in Satan or similar characters, so this is an easily proven misconception.  In the western world, the US in particular Atheists are often in ideological conflict with Judea Christians.  Usually it is the Christians attempts to convince Atheists and others that not following their God is wrong.  As a result Atheists are forced to defend themselves by trying to explain the truth about Atheism and it’s purpose.

It is this writers opinion that organized bible based Christianity had a vital role in early development of the United States by setting a basic moral foundation that allowed people to follow principles that kept most people loyal to family, community and laws.  Today the fundamental doos and don’ts, rights an wrongs are commonly understood and no longer requires the stern direction of any particular religion.  In whatever one believes, it should be tolerated as long as there are no harmful intentions and allows for society to work as a safe, organized entity!

Max Heitz

Sources:  Athiesm by Michael Martin
Wikipedea: History of Athiesm / Satanism


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