Masturbation: Many Peoples Dark Secret – Most Peoples Pleasurable Reality!

There are very few subjects more taboo than Masturbation!  Just the word makes most people cringe with embarrassment.  It is an action perceived by most to be dirty, unhealthy and deviant.  In reality the vast majority of Americans are pleasing themselves.  Wether using a hand, battery operated tool or humping a pillow people are taking care of business.

Why do people masturbate?  1. Stimulation:  working ones self to a state of sexual arousal.  2.  Sexual release:  achieving an orgasm.  These two motives are enough to encourage most to engage in masturbatory behavior in spite of the many forces that say it is a negative act.  Learned moral perception, religious beliefs and social ridicule are just a few examples of these negative perspectives.  The pleasure of sexual stimulation and the euphoria of sexual release, or “orgasm” is one of the most powerful sensations a human can experience.  It is similar to the rush of a drug educed high which makes masturbation a highly addictive activity.

*I will weigh the pros and cons of masturbation.  Don’t worry, the pros win out.

To some, masturbation can become highly addictive to the point of affecting the routine of daily life!
  Masturbating too frequently, meaning multiple times a day can lead to a compulsive behavior cycle
and possibly risk injury to the targeted area!
If masturbation is more frequent than sexual contact with a partner or becomes an alternative to
  engaging in actual sex with a person you can become auto erotic!
  Masturbating to deviant thoughts which typically means sexual thoughts about children, forced sex,
and public exposure can over time actually create a bond between the deviant thought and the
euphoria of an orgasm raising the possibility of acting out on the deviant fantasy!

Masturbation can be a great source of relaxation and stress release!
  For someone not getting their sexual needs met it is a healthy alternative to relieve associated tension and desire!
  It allows for a person, especially females to become familiar with their bodies and know what stimulates them through self exploration!

It is true that some people do not masturbate due to physical disabilities, strong lack of sexual desire, deep religious convictions etc…  For the rest of us it doesn’t have to be a dark secret that fills us with guilt
and shame.  It is a natural human behavior that if performed without harming self or others can be one of the great pleasures of life and sexual freedom!

Max Heitz


About maximilian3000

I write articles and blog about subjects of controversial interest. My intentions are to open censored minds to a world of realities that most fear to explore!

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