Which Race Has The Highest IQ: A Scientific View

Race and Intelligence has been debated sence IQ tests began in the early 1900s.  IQ (intelligence quotient tests) have shown a large measurement of differences between racial groups.  Average scores of Blacks being lower than Asian Americans wich score higher than Whites.  While gaps in IQ scores between races is well documented there is not much agreement among researchers for why that is.

The often described positions regarding the cause of IQ differences in races are that these gaps measure real differences in intelligence which is factored by genetic differences in brain function and environmental factors.  Another opinion is that differences in intelligence between races does exist and are solely caused by environmental and-or social factors.  Yet another position believes that there is no such thing as race and to use comparisons ultimately have no meaning.

Going back to IQ Tests, differences in scores between different racial groups are called “racial IQ gaps.”  The first tests in 1916 were developed by testing among subjects that were native-born Americans of European descent.  They did not factor in the many immigrants that were entering the US at that time.  These immigrants were raised and educated in vastly different environments than that of American born whites who were mainly of British Descent.  This would include African-Americans as well due to the large cultural gap between whites of that time.

An IQ Test does not measure a persons intelligence but a persons capacity for intelligence.  A person with a high IQ doesn’t mean they have more knowledge, just a greater ability to learn information.  Many experts today agree that the IQ Test is well outdated and doesn’t measure potential of a persons success in today’s society.  There are many skills that people of all backgrounds can use intelligently.  Creativity, Imagination and Common sence are just a few.  It is this authors opinion that a person who scores low on an IQ Test but can rebuild a car engine is more useful than a person that scores high but can’t change a tire.                                                                                         

Max Heitz

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